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Tier One Advantage

Over the years, we have developed a phased approach to our sourcing efforts, which comprehensively addresses each of the pitfalls/caveats, which our experience tells us, must be dealt with in effective staffing management efforts.

The Tier One team is both responsive and proactive in delivering the talent and expertise clients need to sustain and ultimately surge ahead!


Many of our best resources come to us through referrals, thanks to Tier One’s industry reputation for quality and our competitive benefits packages. But when we go looking for talent, we utilize a wide range of processes to find the ideal match for our clients' needs.

Tier One maintains an active and proprietary nationwide database of well over 500,000 seasoned professionals with broad experience in many diverse client environments.  The database is integral to a highly intelligent, industry leading COTS software that runs our business operations.  Our staff of professional Career Advisors continually updates our extensive database of qualified resources and actively recruits from industry on a nationwide basis.

Online tools, job boards and social media.  Yes, we use them.  Both mainstream and some that are best described, “Niche”.  By the way, have you followed us?

Taking it to the Streets
While the digital age has its benefits, Tier One is still a firm believer in interpersonal communication.  That’s why you’ll find us at multiple career fairs, with different audiences, in different markets throughout the year.  We’re no stranger to good old fashioned pavement pounding.


Tier One requires that all candidates are personally and effectively interviewed by our staff prior to client resume submission.

The purpose is another integral part of The Tier One quality process. Our objective is to investigate and certify through targeted questioning the candidate's assignments, responsibilities, accomplishments and software/ hardware utilization. In addition, observe and quantify the candidate’s communication skills (both oral and written), professional appearance and personal demeanor.

Our approach includes a review of the candidate’s career path and goals, expectations, availability and individual circumstances to better understand the candidate’s overall profile as a qualification check before advancing him or her for a role within the client organization.

Tier One realizes that the major component of any hiring process is the in-person interview. In our facilities, we have taken great care in the construction of a series of professional interview rooms, with adjoining lobby and personal assistance for use by our staff.  Tier One facilities are also equipped with a room dedicated exclusively for online video conference interviewing.

Day-at-Tier One (DAT)

The free utilization of our professional candidate interview facilities for all client IT hiring management.

DAT provides each client hiring manager access to our facilities and the advantage of an uninterrupted and comfortable interviewing environment with a highly monitored and efficient schedule of appropriate candidates managed by our staff. 

Skill Set Testing

All Tier One presented candidates can be tested to better assess their experience and level of expertise in the relevant skills associated with each assignment. In addition, Tier One will accompany the candidate's test results with the resume submitted.

Since technology moves and changes at lightning speed today, it has become impossible to expect our Recruiting and Account Management staffs to be totally knowledgeable in all facets. We strongly adhere to the premise that our Consultants "can do what they say they can do and at which level". We utilize only certified competency assessment companies as our testing and certification agents, which can be utilized worldwide via the Internet.

Chemical Abuse, Financial and Criminal Background checks

Tier One believes in a drug free workplace and does not tolerate chemical abuse usage with its field consultant or internal staff. We utilize nationally recognized and respected diagnostic testing companies that maintain nationwide test facilities for all chemical abuse testing. To assist in our determination of a candidates motivation; we utilize nationally recognized and respected background screening service companies for conducting confidential criminal and financial background checks.

Tier One will conduct the above tests and checks on Tier One submitted candidates, when accompanied by written request from our clients.

Professional Reference Checking

Tier One requires a minimum of two (2) satisfactorily completed professional reference checks on each candidate provided by our recruiting team.

All candidate professional reference checks will be available for the client's review.

Performance Reviews

Tier One employees and consultants receive an annual review by our management to assess performance and identify areas of improvement.  Client involvement is critical to the success of our consultant reviews.  We encourage teamwork!

Secured Environments

Our consultants and contractors will be verified for and designated with the appropriate access to such client facilities.

Keeping the Resources

To ensure that we attract and keep talented employees to work as on-site contractors, Tier One offers the following benefits at no expense to our clients:

•Consultant performance appraisals and reviews
•Relocation Assistance
•Paid holiday and vacation
•Health insurance
•Disability insurance
•Life insurance
•Non-billable time coverage
•Matching 401(k) plan managed by Vanguard